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Items for sale:

Items sold:

 For SaleSold
Item NameCountPriceCountPrice

10 Dose Elixir of Greater Concentration

180200p - 250p6025p - 30plucy

10 Dose Gate Potion

103,000p1784125p - 1,025plucy

10 Dose Great Mystical Infusion

180200p lucy

10 Dose Mystical Aptitude Potion

120200p lucy

10 Dose Potion of Unlife Awareness


10 lb. Cragbeast Meat

12100p lucy

Abrogation Scried Swatch

1100p lucy

Acrylia Reinforced Mask

3350p - 500p3300p - 350plucy

Acrylia Reinforced Tunic

241,000p lucy

Adamantite Bo Stick

4500p - 2,500p1150p - 250plucy

Adamantite Club

15,000p9100p - 2,500plucy

Adjutant's Saber

4750p - 2,500p7500p - 1,000plucy

Adrenaline Tap

1400p lucy

Adventurer's Riding Whip

12,500p lucy

Aged Muramite Etched Scales

85,000p lucy

Air Arachnid Silk

15,000p lucy

Air Arachnid Silk String

43,000p lucy

Akhevan Focus Staff

12,000p lucy

Alabaster Beak

15,000p lucy

Aligned Ore

21,000p185p - 1,000plucy

Alkaline Etched Stone

13,000p lucy

Amulet of Mummy Wrappings

11,000p4110p - 3,000plucy

Anaconda Fang

11p lucy

Ancient Seahorse Hide Cloak

14,500p4300p - 2,500plucy

Ancient Tome of Necromantic Magic

51,000p - 4,000p2310p - 1,500plucy

Aneuk Healer's Crystals

1500p lucy

Anizok's Minimizing Device


Aqua Goblin Blood Vial

12p lucy

Arcane Shield of Living Ice

22,000p - 2,500p3430p - 3,000plucy

Architect's Scepter

41,950p - 3,000p4650p - 2,500plucy

Arctic Mussels

811p lucy

Arctic Wyvern Hide

32825p - 1,000p lucy

Ardent Necklace

4800p - 1,500p13100p - 1,250plucy


99p lucy

Assorted Research pg2

15p lucy

Autumn Crocus

854p - 5p lucy

Axe of Aggression

1500p115p - 500plucy

Bag of Preserved Eyeballs

515p - 50p lucy

Barbarian Spiritist`s Hammer

3500p - 3,000p325p - 1,200plucy

Barbed Rubicite Bracer

21,200p - 2,500p1045p - 1,500plucy

Barbed Rubicite Leggings

45,000p - 7,000p40100p - 10,000plucy

Barbequed Crab Pie

875p lucy

Barbequed Crab Souffle

675p lucy

Barbequed Cragbeast Sandwich

275p lucy

Barbequed Cragbeast Steaks

575p lucy

Barbequed Hynid Jerky


Barbequed Hynid Sandwich

175p lucy

Barbequed Tuna Cakes

775p lucy

Barbequed Tuna Rolls


Barbequed Tuna Sandwich

675p lucy

Barbequed Tuna Souffle

175p lucy

Barnacle Covered Axe

21,000p - 3,000p1350p - 3,000plucy

Baton of Royal Stature

13,000p3500p - 1,200plucy

Battered Shield of Glory

110,000p350p - 100plucy

Battle Worn Trinket

2400p lucy

Battleworn Ch'Ror

32,000p - 3,000p2300p - 350plucy

Bear Skins of Rage

1100p lucy

Beer Braised Gator

201p lucy

Bejeweled Bridle

12,000p lucy

Bellows Crafted Cap

2500p - 3,500p800p - 1,000plucy

Belt of Ethereal Strength

21,500p - 2,000p4200p - 1,000plucy

Belt of the Broken Slave

21,000p - 3,500p2410p - 4,000plucy


6691p - 200p2941p - 5plucy

Bile Drenched Main-gauche

24,900p - 5,000p lucy

Bioluminescent Orb

5960p - 5,000p20100p - 2,000plucy

Bite of the Shissar


Bixie Wing

920p lucy

Black Acrylia Halberd


Black Bastardsword

71,500p - 7,500p1350p - 25,000plucy

Black Blade of Tormenting

15,000p1350p - 2,000plucy

Black Diamond of Nightmares

21,000p lucy

Black Handled Bonebreaker

8400p - 14,999p790p - 400plucy

Black Panther Skin

2100p lucy

Black Pearl

525p - 250p lucy

Black Root

201p lucy

Black Sleeves of Night

15,000p11100p - 1,500plucy

Black Steel Wrap


Blackblood Girdle

1300p599p - 500plucy

Blackened Bracelet of Delight

15,000p13100p - 4,500plucy

Blackened Mantle of the Legion

36,000p - 6,900p15200p - 6,000plucy

Blackened Ooze Boots

21,500p8500p - 2,888plucy

Blackened Thinmetal Visage

2400p - 1,000p271p - 1,000plucy

Blackened Ukun Hide Cloak

79,000p - 48,000p771p - 78,000plucy

Blackrock Lichen

15p lucy

Blade of Xalgoz

1950p939p - 250plucy

Blade of the Depredator

1500p lucy

Blessed Champion Arrows

961,250p68750p - 2,000plucy

Blessed Grimling Shield

31,000p - 2,000p55p - 400plucy

Blight, Hammer of the Scourge

3323p - 500p825p - 250plucy


110,000p15500p - 10,000plucy

Block of Acrylia Ore

5398p22810p - 100plucy

Blood Bladed Dagger

18,000p36300p - 12,000plucy

Blood Ember Vambraces

13,000p lucy

Blood Fire

4400p - 3,000p8100p - 1,000plucy

Blood Infused Stone Necklace

2500p - 800p4100p - 900plucy

Blood Raven Beak

110p lucy

Blood Raven Parts

5220p - 25p311p - 100plucy

Blood Soaked Bag of Eyeballs

225p - 50p lucy

Blood Weave Veil

1100p lucy


13200p - 3,000p2620p - 3,888plucy

Bloodclaw Leggings

42,000p - 3,000p2718p - 2,000plucy

Bloodgill Cap

61,000p - 2,700p9400p - 1,500plucy

Bloodguard Wand of Walking Dead

12,000p61p - 20,000plucy

Bloodmetal Earring of Engagement

584,650p - 8,500p21357p - 49,000plucy


15p lucy

Bloody Tormentor Parts

115p lucy

Blue Diamond

147250p - 325p92100p - 275plucy

Boiled Leather Cuirass

1400p2450p - 3,000plucy

Bolts of Tallon


Bone Amulet of Blade Turning

30300p - 1,250p355p - 100plucy

Bone Braced Buckler

112,000p lucy

Bone Mask of the Jarsath

5250p - 1,200p1175p - 500plucy

Bone Razor

2400p - 1,000p550p - 500plucy

Bone-Clasped Girdle

110,000p12500p - 15,000plucy

Boneshod Greatstaff

12,000p6750p - 9,600plucy

Book of Obulus

11,000p9450p - 2,500plucy

Boots of an Aged Mystic

64,000p - 20,000p43241p - 10,000plucy

Bottle of Kalish

15p lucy

Bow of Eternal Ice

1750p5200p - 3,000plucy

Bow of Gloaming

13,000p5200p - 2,000plucy

Bracelet of a Royal Guardian


Bracer of Blood Rage


Bracer of Rotting Bile

2700p - 5,000p7100p - 2,000plucy

Bracer of the Hidden

14,500p21p - 5,000plucy

Branch of Sylvan Oak

1791p lucy

Brass Goblin Flamberge

155p lucy

Brick of Bloodmetal

35010p - 2,000p3010p - 90plucy

Brick of Deathsteel Ore

91p lucy

Brick of Electrified Copper

847p - 5,000p lucy

Brick of Ethereal Energy

35250p - 1,000p246910p - 500plucy

Brick of Immaculate Steel

561,000p - 10,000p42,000plucy

Brick of Molten Ore

23500p141p - 2,000plucy

Brick of Nightmare Iron

350p - 100p lucy

Broken Hynid Claw

15,000p13299p - 4,000plucy

Brown Chitin Protector

1300p lucy

Bubonian Blood

1310p - 25p lucy

Burnish Scried Swatch

1100p lucy

Buttered Cragbeast Pie

275p lucy

Buttered Tuna Pie

475p lucy

CLASS 1 Wood Point Arrow


CLASS 2 Steel Silver Tip Arrow


Cake Round

520p lucy

Calcified Bone Gauntlets

13175p - 800p501p - 900plucy

Calloused Shell Helm

2450p - 500p1225p - 1,000plucy

Capacity Etched Swatch

4100p lucy

Card of Bristlebane

5115p - 5,000p lucy

Cartographers Ink Bottle

9899p - 3,000p5710p - 2,600plucy

Carved Stabbing Spear

1200p lucy

Cave Algae

325p lucy

Cave Guppy

325p lucy

Centi Longsword

21,200p - 2,888p11710p - 3,400plucy

Centi Shortsword

12,888p575p - 2,200plucy

Centi Toe Stew

2100p lucy

Centi Toes

7315p lucy

Charm of Nimble Landings


Charred Guardian Breastplate

11,000p lucy

Chetari Wardstaff

36,000p - 10,000p121p - 9,000plucy

Chipped Black Marble

4300p lucy

Chipped Bone Rod

1100p lucy

Chipped Onyx Sapphire

13300p450p - 300plucy

Chipped Stone Tomahawk


Chips of Granite

225p lucy

Chiseled Steelslave Shield

12,500p7200p - 4,500plucy

Chokidai Hide Pauldrons

11,200p lucy

Chokidai Hide Spaulders

4150p - 400p820p - 300plucy

Chromadrac Wing

3100p lucy

Chromatic Girdle

11,500p510p - 800plucy

Chunk of Cazicite

15,000p lucy

Chunk of Prismatic Metal

245p lucy

Chunk of Raw Silver


Chunk of Wind Metal

48700p - 5,000p3250p - 5,000plucy

Cinnamon Sticks

635p - 10p lucy

Clarifying Spores

220p - 25p lucy

Cloak of Devastation

41,500p - 4,000p8750p - 1,400plucy

Cloak of Flames

210,000p631,000p - 50,000plucy

Clockwork Carapace

2260p - 5,000p210p - 25plucy

Clockwork Needle

310p lucy

Cloth Cape

1100p lucy

Club of the Ice Ocean

12,000p4550p - 5,000plucy

Cobalt Helm

1400p6250p - 800plucy


2805p lucy

Coif of the Shadowstalker


Coldain Head

115p lucy

Collapsed Fletching Kit

2500p - 1,000p4500plucy

Collapsed Jeweler's Kit

1500p lucy

Collapsed Spit

2500p - 1,000p lucy

Color Skewn Swatch

4100p lucy

Compass of Khati Sha

26,000p - 7,000p13500p - 15,000plucy

Concentrated Grade A Taipan Venom

530p lucy

Copper Hammer of Striking

29,500p - 10,000p161p - 50,000plucy

Corking Device

242,000p6100p - 2,000plucy


12,000p7500p - 5,000plucy

Corroded Steel Plate

1550p8150p - 2,000plucy

Crab Meat

3100p - 2,000p lucy

Cragbeast Blood

150p lucy

Crashing Wave Earring

71,000p - 4,000p7025p - 5,000plucy

Crescent Blades of Luclin

21,232p - 2,500p12500p - 2,500plucy

Crested Mistmoore Shield

5225p - 1,000p550p - 125plucy

Crimson Robe of Alendine

14,000p15500p - 8,000plucy

Crinose Cape of the Werewolf

3500p - 2,000p18100p - 2,200plucy

Crude Filth Covered Battle Staff

1450p lucy

Crude Filth Covered Stone Spear


Crushbone Belt


Crushed Black Marble

6250p - 300p850p - 300plucy

Crushed Chrysolite

9300p lucy

Crushed Emerald

12300p210p - 50plucy

Crushed Flame Opal


Crushed Jaundice Gem

8300p lucy

Crushed Lava Ruby

17200p - 300p150plucy

Crushed Onyx Sapphire


Crushed Opal

14200p - 300p410p - 300plucy

Crushed Sea Sapphire

2200p - 300p lucy

Crushed Topaz

4300p1910p - 400plucy

Crypt Robber's Chestplate

23,750p - 4,000p19500p - 10,000plucy

Crystal Chitin Boots

31,400p - 2,222p1295p - 1,400plucy

Crystal Chitin Chestguard

32,700p - 3,000p6410p - 8,000plucy

Crystal Chitin Gauntlets

1300p1535p - 1,000plucy

Crystal Chitin Shield

12,000p7225p - 2,000plucy

Crystal Dewdrop

1320p350p - 200plucy

Crystalline Spider Fang

1500p453p - 950plucy

Crystallized Cloudy Eye

51,000p lucy

Crystallized Marrow

104p - 5p lucy

Crystallized Shadows

124p lucy

Crystallized Sulfur

1610p - 100p195p - 20plucy

Curled Claw

22,000p lucy

Cyclamine Corm

45p lucy

Cyclone Runed Swatch

205p lucy

Dagger of Frost

1100p1750p - 99plucy

Dairy Spoon


Damaged Hopper Hide

384p - 10p lucy

Dark Elf Parts


Darkmatter Dust

31p - 15p lucy

Darkmetal Visor

3750p - 3,000p6810p - 2,400plucy

DawnFire, Morning Star of Light

1200p6100p - 1,000plucy

Deathbringer's Rod

3100p - 500p520p - 100plucy

Decayed Chain Links

2300p - 500p8150p - 1,000plucy

Decaying Bone Idol

3200p - 300p273p - 500plucy

Decrepit Taelosian Band

11,000p905p - 2,500plucy

Deepwater Boots

2350p - 400p5400p - 500plucy

Deepwater Ink

23500p - 5,000p lucy

Defenders Lightblade

4500p - 2,000p1491p - 2,000plucy

Demi-Sec Champagne


Destroyed Power Source

115p lucy

Devastating Maul

16,000p41,000p - 78,000plucy

Dew Clover

225p5810p - 50plucy

Diaku Blood

2100p lucy


97200p - 325p35plucy

Diamond Dust

32,000p - 5,000p4400p - 5,000plucy

Dirjadak`s Chipped Stein

35p lucy

Disease Imbued Greatstaff

3750p - 11,000p2450p - 1,000plucy

Distillate of Alacrity I

390p - 10p400plucy

Donal's Helm of Mourning

2750p - 850p11,000plucy

Dragon Boneshard

1500p lucy

Dragon Egg

80100p lucy

Dragon Hero Bracer

11,000p5610p - 2,250plucy

Dragon Horn Ykesha

3500p - 3,000p1450p - 500plucy

Drake Egg


Drape of the Proud

21,000p - 2,500p26250p - 5,000plucy

Dream Weaver Webshield

1300p250p - 200plucy

Drogan Earth Totem

1150p lucy

Drop of Mercury

55p lucy

Drop of Pure Rain

26300p - 500p210plucy

Dull Metallic Sleeves

11,000p324p - 500plucy

Durable Mesh Bib

5400p - 2,000p4300p - 1,000plucy

Dust of Decay

2675p - 2,000p lucy

Dwarven Blood

2015p lucy

Earring of Grieg's Faithful

15,500p214,000p - 20,000plucy

Earring of Motion

103,000p - 5,000p520plucy

Earth Blessed Cape

1500p lucy

Edge of Cabilis


Effigy of Innoruuk

1100p315p - 500plucy

Elder Spiritist's Boots

41,000p - 2,000p lucy

Elder Spiritist's Bracer


Elder Spiritist's Breastplate

13,500p81,000p - 10,000plucy

Elder Spiritist's Gauntlets


Elder Spiritist's Helm

11,000p lucy

Elder Spiritist's Vambraces

2900p - 2,500p11200p - 2,000plucy

Electrified Earring of Tempests

13,000p24100p - 5,000plucy

Elemental Divining Rod

21,000p4100p - 2,000plucy

Elite Steelslave Stone Blade

1800p13100p - 3,000plucy

Ellipse Runed Swatch

11100p lucy

Embroidering Needle

310p lucy

Emerald Colored Mephit Scales


Emerald Dragon Scales

1500p650p - 200plucy

Emerald Tea Leaf


Enchanted Velium Bar

42325p lucy

Enshrouded Veil


Entwood Mace

131,000p - 9,800p771p - 5,000plucy

Envenomed Necklace


Essence of Barbarian


Essence of Dark Elf

4300p - 500p13100p - 500plucy

Essence of Dwarf

12500p lucy

Essence of Erudite

13500p550p - 500plucy

Essence of Froglok


Essence of Gnome


Essence of Half Elf

20500p lucy

Essence of High Elf

20500p lucy

Essence of Human


Essence of Iksar


Essence of Moonlight

963p - 10p lucy

Essence of Ogre

17500p lucy

Essence of Sunlight

53p lucy

Essence of Troll


Essence of Vah Shir

25100p - 500p2100plucy

Essence of Winter

1339p - 50p lucy

Etched Signet


Ethereal Metal Rings

341,100p - 1,500p3271300p - 2,500plucy

Ethereal Sheet of Metal

221,000p4246390p - 2,500plucy

Ethereal Silk Swatch

32,000p3088180p - 2,500plucy

Excellent Animal Pelt

2550p - 4,000p lucy

Eye of Innoruuk


Eye of the Sandstorm

1450p2025p - 3,000plucy

Eyeless Whitefish

41p - 25p lucy

Eyepatch of Warding

2300p3200p - 500plucy

Eyeshiv of Darkness

210,000p - 12,000p17140p - 68,888plucy

Fabled Belt of Growth

15,000p4200p - 4,500plucy

Fabled Netherbian Chitin

21,000p - 2,000p1725p - 500plucy

Face Mask of Frozen Mana

24,500p - 5,000p30300p - 5,000plucy

Featherwood Sap

25p - 5,000p420plucy


31,000p - 1,500p3100p - 1,000plucy

Fetid Orb

1900p lucy

Fetish of Ice Mastery

3225p - 250p lucy

Fiend Gut

123,000p - 10,000p181p - 100,000plucy

Fiery Ore

1050p lucy

Fiery Shard

1240p - 1,000p6330p - 1,000plucy

Filleting Knife

3199p - 1,000p1350plucy

Filmy Mephit Wing

1100p lucy

Fine Ivory Beaded Veil

12,500p lucy

Fine Silk

115p lucy

Fine Spinneret Fluid

1150p lucy

Fire Beetle Eye

141p - 10p151p - 10plucy

Fire Mephit Skin

11500p - 1,000p lucy

Fire Opal

1300p lucy

Fire Shield


Fish Rolls

921p821p - 3plucy

Fishbone Dart Tool


Fishing Grubs

2160p - 100p lucy

Fishing Pole

15p lucy

Fist of Iron

11,500p31,000p - 5,000plucy

Flame Agate

130p lucy

Flame of Fennin

23100p - 250p310plucy

Flaming Phoenix Crest

12,000p lucy

Flask of Berry Juice


Flask of Fruit Juice

205p lucy

Flawed Chrysolite

3200p - 300p lucy

Flawed Flame Emerald

6300p lucy

Flawed Flame Opal


Flawed Lava Ruby


Flawed Opal

2300p lucy

Flawed Sea Sapphire

5300p1710p - 300plucy

Flawed Topaz

23300p - 600p lucy

Flawless Aquamarine

6425p - 50p lucy

Flawless Diamond

24,500p - 10,000p10100p - 4,200plucy

Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask

17,500p481p - 70,000plucy

Flayed Barbarian Skin Leggings

114,000p651p - 50,000plucy

Flayed Skin Bracers


Flayed Skin Sleeves

150p570p - 150plucy

Flayed Skin Tunic

2200p - 300p575p - 150plucy


210,000p - 20,000p291p - 28,000plucy

Flowing Argil

12,000p7450p - 1,850plucy

Flowing Robe of Catastrophe

12,500p lucy

Froglok Blood

7525p - 50p199p - 10plucy

Froglok Meat

520p - 25p6100plucy

Froglok Poison Gland


Frost Bunny Meat

120p lucy

Frost Crystal

401p lucy

Frost Giant Femur

1300p91p - 125plucy

Frost Giant Meat

950p1051p - 10plucy

Frost Giant Toes

577p1250p - 198plucy

Frost-Covered Cape

2200p - 3,500p2950p - 4,000plucy


6401p - 198p3081p - 5plucy

Frying Pan Mold


Fungoid Sap

33250p - 500p3100plucy

Fungus Clump

105p lucy

Fungus-Smeared Bracer

57,500p - 25,000p181p - 25,000plucy

Fur-Covered Leather Gorget

725p - 1,750p2400p - 9,000plucy

Fuzzlecutter Formula 5000

1401p7791p - 10plucy

Gamolk's Ring of Spirit

1150p lucy

Gargoyle Granite


Garish Sash

1200p21p - 300,000plucy

Garlic-Buttered Crab Cakes

775p lucy

Garlic-Buttered Cragbeast Pie

275p lucy

Garlic-Buttered Hynid Pie

175p lucy

Gauntlets of Dementia

12,500p3300p - 500plucy

Gauntlets of Fiery Might

3500p - 5,000p24100p - 3,500plucy

Gauntlets of Suffering


Gauntlets of the Black

1500p lucy


14210p - 100p210plucy

Geerlok Alchemy Set

5400p5100p - 400plucy

Geerlok Automated Pestle

2400p7100p - 200plucy

Geerlok Fermentation Device

1435p - 100p2935p - 100plucy

Geerlok Gem Setter

3400p14100p - 400plucy

Geerlok Planing Tool

14400p - 500p12100p - 500plucy

Geerlok Sewing Contraption

7500p4195p - 500plucy

Gem Cutter

23,000p - 5,000p lucy

Gem Encrusted Circlet


Geomancer's Petrified Slippers

120,000p401p - 25,000plucy

Ghostly Robes

2700p - 750p630p - 650plucy

Giant Scalemail Gauntlets


Giant Scalemail Gloves


Giant Warrior Helmet

4400p105p - 100plucy

Girdle of the Flesh Eater

42,000p - 7,000p1480p - 2,000plucy

Girdle of the Seas

1800p235p - 49plucy

Glacierbone Hammer

7400p - 2,000p1825p - 500plucy

Gleaming Shard

26450p - 3,000p8810p - 500plucy

Glimmering Mithril Torque

14,000p78p - 1,000plucy

Glinting Shard

21,000p - 2,000p6725p - 1,000plucy

Globe of Fear

3100p lucy

Glorious Boots


Glowing Black Sword

1500p2244p - 800plucy

Glowing Shard

12290p - 3,000p1325p - 500plucy

Gnarled Mesh Bracer

1100p1450p - 2,000plucy

Gnollish Guardian Ring

12,500p250p - 125plucy

Gnomish Sewing Needle

15,000p lucy

Goblin Bones

2440p - 50p lucy

Gold Inlaid Ulak

15,000p42,000p - 5,000plucy

Gold Plated Koshigatana

2150p - 288p733p - 1,000plucy

Gold Ticket

1100,000p lucy

Gold tipped boar horn

2295p - 1,000p71p - 100plucy

Golden Charm of the Hopeful

11,200p lucy

Golden Ember Powder

11315p - 50p lucy

Golem Essence Necklace

22,900p - 3,000p6350p - 2,500plucy

Golem Forged Bracer

15,000p14250p - 4,500plucy

Golem Tear Ring

12,000p535p - 2,000plucy

Goo Covered Knights Blade

2500p - 1,000p2500p - 1,000plucy

Gooey Boots

1300p450p - 200plucy

Goranga Idol

12,888p225p - 750plucy

Goranga Warbeads


Granite Face Grinder

13,000p lucy

Granite Halberd of Chance

25,700p - 12,000p20100p - 5,000plucy

Granite Temper

46100p lucy

Grave Mold

265p lucy

Gravedigger Arm Straps

2900p - 15,000p251p - 12,500plucy

Great Lance of Grief

1450p lucy

Greatstaff of Thunder

11200p - 10,000p2750p - 350plucy

Green Dragon Scales

11450p - 10,000p920p - 10,000plucy

Green Goblin Skin

749p - 25p75plucy

Green Jade Halberd

3300p - 2,000p2999p - 1,000plucy

Green Silken Drape

13,000p650p - 2,500plucy

Grey Flesh Gloves

11,000p3750p - 3,000plucy

Greyhopper Hide

125p lucy

Grimling Contraption

12,500p14200p - 12,000plucy

Grobb Hide Cowl

110,000p lucy

Habanero Pepper

2301p - 100p1005p - 98plucy

Halas 10lb Meat Pie

1850p10785p - 75plucy

Half Spiked Sprocket

15,000p5100p - 500plucy

Hammer Emblazoned Sleeves

1800p181p - 300plucy

Hammer of Corrupted Enchantments

61,000p - 3,000p331p - 20,000plucy

Hammer of Flattening

275p - 150p110plucy

Hammer of Spiritcalling

2750p - 2,000p4150p - 500plucy

Hammer of the Bloodleacher

42,500p - 15,000p61,000p - 25,000plucy

Hammered Velium Warsword

15,000p1370p - 500plucy

Hand Made Backpack Token

1940p117530p - 500plucy

Hardened Sludge Tunic

11,800p17500p - 3,500plucy

Hate Forged Pauldrons

1100p1275p - 1,800plucy

Heady Paeala

654p - 5p lucy

Heartsting Venom Sack

265p lucy

Heavy Doublebound Shield

33,000p - 5,000p6450p - 7,000plucy

Heavy Stone Mallet

1100p25p - 10plucy

Heavy Tooled Weapon Belt

21,000p - 4,000p35200p - 10,000plucy

Heavy Windriders Lance

4500p - 1,200p33100p - 19,125plucy

Helm of Raldukan

12,000p5250p - 2,500plucy

Helmet of Rallos Zek

14,800p603,000p - 100,000plucy

Hero Parts

43250p - 1,000p755p - 120plucy

Hierophant`s Crook

41,000p - 10,000p950p - 250plucy

High Quality Cragbeast Skin

150p lucy

High Quality Dire Wolf Fur

325p - 40p lucy

High Quality Hynid Hide


High Quality Wolf Skin

145p4715p - 30plucy

Highly Polished Gem

3350p - 500p4415p - 250plucy

Holgresh Elder Beads

1100,000p31p - 100,000plucy

Honey Berry

201p lucy

Hood of Enchanted Visions

14,000p8185p - 2,000plucy

Hurricane Temper

21,000p lucy

Hynid Hair Strand

12,000p341p - 5,000plucy

Hynid Mane

91,000p - 5,000p lucy

Ice Burrower Silk

23150p - 1,000p10150plucy

Ice Goblin Blood

271p - 50p lucy

Ice Silk Cap

2800p15400p - 800plucy

Iced Bone Chips

410p lucy


120,000p8200p - 9,999plucy

Idol of the Wavecrasher

1200p7100p - 500plucy

Illusionists Stone

15100p lucy

Imbued Froglokhide Shield

3500p - 1,000p650p - 250plucy

Inanimate Ore

63,000p - 10,000p91,999p - 5,000plucy

Innovative Bow Cam


Iridescent Turepta Shell

41,250p - 2,000p8500p - 1,500plucy

Iron Bound Tome

1500p lucy

Iron Mask of the Wise

4500p - 2,000p521p - 1,000plucy

Iron Ore

11p lucy

Iron Oxide

955p - 5,000p1025plucy

Ironmail Gauntlets

32,900p - 7,000p6790p - 4,000plucy

Ivory Stormrider Canine


Jagged Stone Battle Axe

1200p lucy

Jaundice Gem

18300p - 600p410p - 300plucy

Jaundiced Bone Boots

4330p - 500p3250p - 500plucy

Jaundiced Bone Gauntlets

5400p - 500p645p - 495plucy


1900p21,000p - 6,500plucy

Jumjum Spiced Beer

2803p - 5p1203p - 5plucy

Jungle Spider Fur Cap

4800p - 1,500p11100p - 2,000plucy

Kaniz Hide

125p lucy

Kelorek`Dar Spine Razor

1788p2020p - 2,500plucy

Khashek's Katar

16,000p14100p - 10,000plucy

Knotted Belt of the Ravenous

21,000p - 5,000p445p - 300plucy

Knotted Turtlebone Ring

11,000p27100p - 10,000plucy

Knuckle Joint

398p - 10p58p - 100plucy

Koada'Dal Needle

1200p lucy

Kobold Meat

2018p - 100p615p - 100plucy

Kobold Steaks


Kromrif Head

510p - 100p109p - 10plucy

Kunzar Ceremonial Deathshroud

22,000p - 6,000p11990p - 2,500plucy

Kunzar Cloak

1750p550p - 600plucy

Kunzar Deathguard Shield

11,000p7500p - 950plucy

Large Block of Magic Clay

5100p lucy

Large Brick of Acrylia Ore

5398p2575p - 200plucy

Large Brick of Velium

65,000p3714p - 2,000plucy

Large Mephit Fins

25,000p lucy

Large Smoothmetal Torque

1450p2910p - 400plucy

Lava Rock

3910p lucy

Leaf Scale Gloves

15p351p - 800plucy

Leatherfoot Haversack Token

110,000p lucy

Leatherfoot Wrist Pouch Token



2200p - 250p lucy

Legendary Dagger of Might


Legends of Norrath: Crypt

11,500p lucy

Legends of Norrath: Dark Inferno

11,000p lucy

Legends of Norrath: Deadly Chill

12,000p lucy

Legends of Norrath: Froglok Krup Enchanter

11,000p lucy

Legends of Norrath: Herbalist Room

15,000p lucy

Legends of Norrath: Switch

11,000p lucy

Lined Burlap Sleeves

2450p - 500p3130p - 300plucy

Living Thunder Earring

13,500p2465p - 8,998plucy

Lixt Wing Stalk

41p lucy

Lizard Tooth Earring

14,650p43,500p - 5,000plucy


13,900p575p - 3,500plucy

Lodizal Shell Boots

13,000p4650p - 1,476plucy

Lodizal Shell Shield

110,000p151,200p - 9,500plucy

Long Sword of the Ykesha

37,500p - 25,000p241p - 24,134plucy

Longblade of Vitality

31,500p - 20,000p6750p - 18,000plucy

Lost Staff of the Scorned

919p - 800p620p - 250plucy

Low Quality Bear Skin

130p285p - 20plucy

Low Quality Dire Wolf Fur


Lujein Claw

150p lucy

Lump of Zelniak Fat

1801p - 50p lucy

Lupine Dagger

18,000p7200p - 1,000plucy

Lycanthropic Staff

2500p - 5,000p130plucy

Mace of the Fallen Crusader

4200p - 1,000p550p - 500plucy

Mace of the Shadowed Soul

1200p355p - 1,500plucy

Magma Crystals

2825p - 1,000p lucy

Magnificent Thorax

725p lucy

Mana Battery - Class Five

478p - 10p31plucy

Mana Battery - Class Six

20190p385p - 350plucy

Mana-Threaded Mantle

1200p3100p - 500plucy

Mangled Ixt Tail

35,000p lucy

Mangled Trusik Flesh

145,000p lucy

Mantle of the Fallen Spirit

150p475p - 3,000plucy

Mask of Swirling Water


Mask of the Hailstorms

33,000p - 9,000p14450p - 8,000plucy

Mask of the Witness

1200p2875p - 4,000plucy

Master Wu's Trance Stick

1750p10400p - 3,000plucy

Masterful Gold Chain Necklace

5500p - 1,500p14100p - 1,000plucy

Mastruq Focusing Staff

125p lucy

Mastruq's Broken Facemask

125p lucy

Matchless Dragonhide Breastplate

3900p - 25,000p101,000p - 15,000plucy

Matchless Dragonhide Gauntlets


Matted Fur Cloak

3500p - 3,000p910p - 300plucy

Medium Quality Dire Wolf Fur

725p lucy

Medium Quality Rockhopper Hide

1620p3419p - 30plucy

Medium Quality Wolf Skin

735p4910p - 12plucy


108,700p521p - 100,000plucy

Mephit Meat

14250p - 1,000p955p - 300plucy

Mephit Meat Pie

554500p - 5,000p105250p - 6,000plucy

Mephit Sandwich

79500p - 1,000p lucy

Mephit Talon

225p lucy

Mephit Wings

225p lucy

Metal Bits


Metal Flecked Wirespun Sleeves

5250p - 2,000p771p - 850plucy

Metal Linked Crown

3400p - 2,000p395p - 1,900plucy

Metallic Liquid

141100p - 3,000p11910p - 5,000plucy

Metallic Plate

1100p lucy

Metallic Substance


Meteorological Rocket


Midnight Drolvarg Cloak

31,000p - 2,000p16200p - 3,500plucy

Midnight Stone

9275p - 300p lucy

Mind Worm Fang

21,000p - 2,000p1620p - 900plucy

Miner's Granite Girdle

1500p2100p - 199plucy

Minotaur Blood

425p lucy

Minotaur Hero's Brew


Mistmoore Gravestone Dust

515p lucy

Misty Thicket Picnic

409500p14116p - 500plucy

Mithril Champion Arrows

41500p - 2,000p561p - 5,000plucy

Moonstone Crystal

343p - 5p lucy

Morning Dew

141p - 10p lucy

Moss-Covered Cape

3200p - 1,500p15200p - 4,000plucy

Mrylokar's Bracer


Mrylokar's Breastplate

25,000p8500p - 5,000plucy

Mrylokar's Gift


Mt. Death Mineral Salts

19010p - 30p lucy

Muckskipper Fish

325p lucy

Muffin Tin

155p lucy

Mug of Sea Foam

135p lucy

Multifaceted Eye

425p lucy

Muramite Bile Sack

55p lucy

Muramite Blood

28100p lucy

Muramite Chain Link

310,000p - 15,000p lucy

Muramite Etched Scales

1425p - 500p lucy

Muramite Leather Padding


Muramite Metal Sheet

415,000p510,000p - 11,000plucy

Muramite Needle

15,000p71p - 20,000plucy

Muramite Residue


Muramite Silk Thread

510,099p lucy


8121p - 198p1201plucy


31,900p - 15,000p10250p - 3,000plucy

Nature's Wrath

940p - 2,000p620p - 2,000plucy

Necklace of Curled Cacti

125p205p - 787plucy

Necklace of Flame Marked Links

13,000p21,500p - 4,000plucy


12300p - 600p3300plucy

Nightmare Mephit Blood

3150p - 5,000p1250plucy

Nightmare Mephit Skin

1550p - 5,000p510plucy

Nightmarewood Bow Staff

325p610p - 25plucy

Nightmarewood Sap


Nightshade Scented Staff

1490p218p - 200plucy

Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 35

1250p965p - 25plucy

Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 352

1250p12125p - 100plucy

Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 379

1100p710p - 25plucy

Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 449

1100p10715p - 100plucy

Obligation Scried Swatch

4100p lucy

Obsidianwood Bow Staff

14500p - 2,000p181p - 10,000plucy

Obsidianwood Compound Bow

430,000p241p - 50,000plucy

Obsidianwood Sap

11,000p lucy

Obulus Death Shroud

11,900p52200p - 8,000plucy

Ohabah Truffles


Ooze Covered Rubicite Greaves

22,500p - 3,000p12100p - 1,000plucy

Ooze Covered Rubicite Mask

6300p - 500p13100p - 500plucy

Opal Encrusted Stein

18500p58150p - 500plucy

Orb of Marr

6100p - 200p lucy

Orb of Tishan

1300p3345p - 1,500plucy

Orb of Unidentifiable Pulp

22,500p - 3,000p5100p - 1,000plucy

Ornate Chain Coif Pattern

281,000p - 5,000p1211p - 5,800plucy

Ornate Chain Tunic Pattern

17,500p811p - 200,000plucy

Ornate Greaves Mold

150,000p1431p - 100,000plucy

Ornate Helm Mold

143,000p - 9,500p1671p - 5,000plucy

Ornate Leather Boot Pattern

33500p - 8,000p1063p - 4,800plucy

Ornate Leather Glove Pattern

56100p - 8,000p9220p - 4,800plucy

Ornate Leather Helm Pattern

261,000p - 10,000p8610p - 2,800plucy

Ornate Leather Pant Pattern

44500p - 10,000p651p - 25,000plucy

Ornate Leather Sleeve Pattern

333,000p - 9,000p10750p - 7,900plucy

Ornate Leather Tunic Pattern

62,800p - 15,000p601p - 200,000plucy

Ornate Leather Wristband Pattern

223,000p - 10,000p14920p - 5,800plucy

Ornate Rubicite Greaves

14,800p4500p - 2,000plucy

Ornate Rune Shield

2450p - 900p1375p - 1,500plucy

Ornate Silk Boot Pattern

143,800p - 9,800p9750p - 4,800plucy

Ornate Silk Bracelet Pattern

184,000p - 10,000p15450p - 6,000plucy

Ornate Silk Glove Pattern

121,500p - 8,000p971p - 10,000plucy

Ornate Silk Pant Pattern

255,000p - 10,000p1141p - 10,000plucy

Ornate Silk Robe Pattern

94,970p - 20,000p781p - 25,000plucy

Ornate Silk Sleeve Pattern

43875p - 10,000p1231p - 9,000plucy

Ornate Stone Battle Hammer

110,000p301p - 30,000plucy

Ornate Veil

2750p - 1,000p2100p - 1,000plucy

Othmir Fur

116175p - 200p lucy

Oxidized Steel Plate

98p - 10p lucy

Paeala Bark Tannin


Pained Leggings

12,500p lucy

Painted Primal Mask

7900p - 10,000p18100p - 2,000plucy

Part of Finnok's Treatise Pg. 2


Part of Finnok's Treatise Pg. 2


Part of Keris' Dissertation Pg. 5

220p24p - 10plucy

Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 23

285p - 10p35plucy

Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 23


Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 24

2010p lucy

Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 24


Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 26

235p - 10p85p - 10plucy

Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 26

285p - 10p45p - 10plucy

Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 30

553p - 10p203plucy

Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 30

335p - 100p183p - 5plucy

Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 312

195p383p - 10plucy

Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 375

592p - 5p283p - 10plucy

Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 375

395p163p - 15plucy

Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 390


Part of Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 112


Part of Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 118

120p lucy

Part of Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 118

120p lucy

Part of Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 25

20100p lucy

Part of Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 25


Part of Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 26


Part of Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 26

120p1225p - 100plucy

Part of Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 70


Part of Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 72

1720p lucy

Part of Zeannor's Thesis Pg. 12

920p - 50p24p - 10plucy

Part of Zeannor's Thesis Pg. 14


Patchwork Jetsam

1160p225p - 200plucy

Patty Melt

2025p lucy

Pearl Shard

2114p - 5p191plucy

Penicillin Spores

215p - 25p lucy

Perfect Owlbear Pelt

590p - 100p lucy

Phase Spider Blood

250p - 1,000p45p - 50plucy

Phase Spider Carapace

22,800p - 3,000p991p - 250,000plucy

Phoenix Egg

153500p51100p - 200plucy

Phosphorous Powder

23310p - 100p149plucy

Picnic Basket

17500p lucy

Pie Tin



4210p - 100p371p - 10plucy

Pitted Mail Pauldrons

13,000p415p - 150plucy

Plague Mites

135p lucy

Plains Pebble

21p - 10p lucy

Planar Fruit


Planar Lance of Torment

3399p - 1,000p215p - 500plucy

Plasmatic Priest Robe

21,000p - 10,000p1100plucy

Platinum Gem Dusted Rune

1200p lucy

Platinum Plated Re'Stek

23,000p - 9,000p lucy

Plundered Maul

1300p723p - 160plucy

Poison Silk Necklace

22,000p - 2,250p1100plucy

Poison Wind Censer

12,000p6500p - 2,000plucy

Polished Chitin Wingblade

1500p lucy

Polished Obsidian Great Axe


Polished Quartz

215p lucy

Polished Steel Ulak

1500p377p - 500plucy

Polished Tin Mail Boots

3250p - 1,000p1150p - 900plucy

Polished Tin Mail Shirt

16,000p31,000p - 2,500plucy

Potion of Antibody

292p lucy

Pouch of Mistletoe Powder

310p - 500p lucy

Prelate's Lantern

31,500p - 2,000p4500p - 3,000plucy

Prelate's Rubicite Helm

15,000p21,000p - 5,000plucy

Preserved Split Paw Eye

10100p - 150p lucy

Primitive Plate Gauntlets

12,000p2500p - 1,450plucy

Primordial Substance

2025p3910p - 15plucy

Pristine Bull Alligator Hide

11,000p lucy

Pristine Jeweled Gloves

45,000p - 10,000p31200p - 7,900plucy

Pristine Silk

110p lucy

Pristine Tae Ew Scale

8100p - 5,000p lucy

Pungent Slimy Shoes

2500p - 2,200p7930p - 5,000plucy

Rabbit Meat

32020p - 200p3231p - 5plucy

Radiant Shard

11,000p6610p - 2,000plucy

Rage Filled Gem

2400p - 3,000p lucy

Raptor Hide Shield

1200p lucy

Rare Leaf

120p lucy

Rat Ear Sandwich

85p lucy

Rat Sandwich



32p lucy

Raw Amber Nihilite

335p - 1,000p lucy

Raw Crimson Nihilite

140p lucy

Raw Dark Matter

615p - 25p610plucy

Raw Diamond

11325p - 1,000p123220p - 500plucy

Raw Indigo Nihilite

275p - 300p lucy

Raw Shimmering Nihilite

841,000p4340p - 1,000plucy

Razor-edged Claw

15,000p51p - 20,000plucy

Razor-edged Shan'Tok

21,750p - 2,500p1835p - 3,000plucy

Razorfiend Tail

2150p810p - 80plucy

Razorsharp Piranha Fin



13,000p2925p - 10,000plucy


142,000p - 4,000p871,500p - 2,000plucy

Recondite Bandit Dirk

250p - 100p110plucy

Red Circlet of the Evoker

118,000p67100p - 5,000plucy

Refined Grade A Choresine Sample

125p lucy

Refined Grade A Gormar Venom

126p lucy

Refined Grade A Taipan Venom

125p lucy

Reinforced Medicine Bag Token

21,000p675p - 100plucy

Reinforced Sandstone-Hilt Sword

21,750p - 2,500p251p - 28,888plucy

Renaldok Wing Cape

1400p2200p - 4,000plucy


1300p lucy

Ribbon Choker

2500p - 1,000p1950p - 2,000plucy

Ring of Frost

3100p - 500p152p - 400plucy

Ripped Leggings of the Immortals

2550p - 1,200p23200p - 3,000plucy

Robust Lizard Man Blood

210p - 5,000p lucy

Rock Fern

2215p - 25p lucy

Rod of Battle



2921p - 200p3141p - 98plucy

Rotting Eye Mask

14,000p8300p - 4,500plucy

Rough Animal Pelt

1100p lucy

Rough Silk


Royal Amulet of Takish-Hiz

6300p - 2,000p215p - 800plucy

Royal Kromrif blood

11,000p lucy

Rubicite Cloak

11,000p lucy

Rubicite Staff

13200p - 4,000p850p - 500plucy

Ruined Bear Pelt


Ruined Cat Pelt


Rujarkian Potato

1625p lucy

Rune Etched Icewurm Fang

22,000p - 3,600p2112p - 3,200plucy

Rune of Alternation

145p - 500p35plucy

Rune of Amalgamation

3720p - 5,000p520plucy

Rune of Arrest

424p - 20p lucy

Rune of Association


Rune of Consumption

254p - 100p lucy

Rune of Contortion

84p34p - 20plucy

Rune of Contradiction

410p lucy

Rune of Coruscating

220p lucy

Rune of Druzzil

220p713p - 25plucy

Rune of Embrace

1100p lucy

Rune of Expulsion

294p - 10p14plucy

Rune of Falhalem

304p - 5p lucy

Rune of Flash

205p - 10p103p - 5plucy

Rune of Gale

205,000p317p - 25plucy

Rune of Glint

420p245p - 25plucy

Rune of Howling


Rune of Incitation

3010p - 100p1110p - 25plucy

Rune of Karana


Rune of Neglect

54p - 10p803p - 4plucy

Rune of Opposition

520p lucy

Rune of Oppression

204p653p - 4plucy

Rune of Prexus

117p - 25p65plucy

Rune of Regeneration

14p lucy

Rune of Solusek Ro


Rune of Substance

110p lucy

Rune of Synergy

405,000p720p - 50plucy

Rune of Transpose

1020p - 25p110plucy

Rune of Velious

773p - 50p444p - 12plucy

Rune of Vortex

410p - 100p lucy

Rune of Zephyr

410p - 150p120plucy

Rune of the Helix

6100p - 250p164p - 20plucy

Rune of the Inverse


Runebranded Stone Buckler

1500p lucy

Runed Bolster Belt

18,000p911p - 10,000plucy

Runed Dagger of the Assassin

14,000p2100p - 500plucy

Runed Fighters Staff

15,000p31,000p - 4,500plucy

Runed Sea Shell

115p lucy

Rushing Wind Longbow

141,000p - 8,900p3050p - 4,800plucy

Russet Oxide

675p lucy

Rust Encrusted Tunic

13,000p13350p - 2,900plucy

Rusting Hero Shield

21,000p - 2,000p1350p - 3,000plucy

Sabertooth Amulet

2300p - 500p3200p - 1,000plucy

Sage's Battle Staff

1800p lucy

Salil's Writ Pg. 153

2250p lucy

Salil's Writ Pg. 174


Salil's Writ Pg. 282

16100p - 250p lucy

Salil's Writ Pg. 288

2100p lucy

Salil's Writ Pg. 60

1320p - 100p1310plucy


19420p - 100p lucy

Sample of Taelosian Sludge

2410p - 25p31plucy

Sand Verbena

3720p7310p - 25plucy

Sand Wasp Larvae

1015p - 25p lucy

Sand-Covered Cartouche


Sandstorm Fragment Gauntlets

2750p - 1,000p4100p - 600plucy

Sandstorm Pearl

2250p lucy

Sanguine Wand

11,000p7300p - 3,500plucy


4120p lucy

Sarnak Ceremonial Dagger

2399p - 1,000p610p - 100plucy

Sarnak Summoner`s Dagger

1400p275p - 100plucy

Sash of the Dark Skies

22,000p - 2,500p19100p - 1,500plucy

Scales of Veeshan

1910p - 1,000p105p - 10plucy

Scepter of Lightning

61,000p - 10,000p1550p - 2,500plucy

Scimitar of the Emerald Dawn

3788p - 7,000p22350p - 3,000plucy

Scintillating Shard

262,000p1201p - 2,000plucy

Scorpikis Claw Impaler


Sea Dragon Scales

375p - 450p lucy

Seaworthy Girdle

21,000p - 1,500p650p - 500plucy

Sebilite Croaking Dirk

13,450p3550p - 3,000plucy

Sebilite Scale Boots

1500p2200p - 450plucy

Section of Lodizal's Shell

45,000p - 6,000p5425p - 5,000plucy

Sedge Branch


Sentient Two-Handed Axe

1150p lucy

Shaded blade

12,888p12100p - 1,000plucy

Shaded dagger

12,888p9100p - 600plucy

Shaded shield


Shaded staff

12,888p5100p - 500plucy

Shadow Rager

22,400p - 2,500p11100p - 1,500plucy

Shaped Pale Nihilite

310p lucy

Shard of Darkness

450p - 500p240p - 100plucy

Sharkjaw Cutlass

1300p lucy

Sharpened Flotsam

1500p151p - 200plucy

Sharpened Luggald Claw

12,000p lucy

Sharpened Mandible Spear

22,000p2610p - 2,000plucy

Shawl of the High Seas

11,000p675p - 2,000plucy

Sheetmetal Ulak

21,000p - 2,900p939p - 450plucy

Shell Inlaid Collar

92,000p - 6,000p8450p - 12,000plucy

Shield of Rainbow Hues

1750p1040p - 500plucy

Shield of Spectral Essence

5425p - 500p3100p - 499plucy

Shield of the Red Dragon

2788p - 1,000p2250p - 3,500plucy

Shield of the Stalwart Seas

11,000p lucy

Shield of the White Dragon

11,250p2150p - 900plucy


3250p - 1,200p121p - 750plucy

Shimmering Black Pearl

154p - 200p lucy

Shimmering Fish Gills

15,000p lucy

Shimmering Shard

72,500p - 3,000p12925p - 3,000plucy

Shimmering Terror Hide Boots

12,000p9100p - 2,000plucy

Shiny Silver Mask

1800p2400p - 1,000plucy

Shissar Battlehammer

11,500p10100p - 700plucy

Shissar Blood

3610p - 100p51p - 15plucy

Shissar Dagger

13,000p6100p - 5,000plucy

Shissar Guardian Staff

1200p lucy

Shissar Knight's Sword

2500p1750p - 5,000plucy

Shissar Scaled Boots

1300p1426p - 1,000plucy

Shissar Warsword

3500p - 3,000p625p - 700plucy

Short Sword of the Ykesha

12,500p23,000p - 5,000plucy

Shortblade of Lightning

33,400p - 6,000p241p - 10,000plucy

Shrewd Cloak of the Kin


Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring

19,999p151p - 20,000plucy

Shrunken Skull Earring

23,000p - 3,500p145p - 1,000plucy

Sickly Glowing Orb

275p - 324p1810p - 300plucy

Silken Whip of Ire

11,500p lucy

Silt-Encrusted Chain Links

1600p lucy

Silver Chitin Hand Wraps

12,000p15410p - 30,000plucy

Silver Hammer Earring

51,900p - 4,000p981p - 2,500plucy

Silver Swiftblade

2250p - 1,500p250p - 250plucy

Silver Thread

126050p - 100p20050plucy

Silverflank Belt

21,900p - 2,000p9100p - 900plucy

Simple Cape of the Seer

14,500p1320p - 1,000plucy

Sinew Tied Bone Earring

15,000p1525p - 4,000plucy

Singing Steel Boots

5250p - 1,250p1825p - 1,000plucy

Singing Steel Gauntlets

15,000p8250p - 3,500plucy

Sionachie's Partisan

1500p1712p - 500plucy

Skeletal Remains

12,000p lucy

Skinning Knife

4150p655p - 150plucy

Skyash Bile

2100p lucy

Slarghilug Slime

150p lucy

Slarghilug Spear

12,300p1750p - 900plucy

Slate Powder

2215p lucy

Sleeves of Wrath

1400p31,000p - 2,800plucy

Slime Blood of Cazic Thule

41,000p - 2,000p71,000p - 50,000plucy

Slime Coated Harpoon

11,000p1040p - 500plucy

Slime Covered Planarian

125p lucy

Slime Covered Rubicite Coif

3500p - 600p7100p - 3,000plucy

Slime-Covered Black Staff

12,000p lucy

Slowstone Amber


Sludged Girdle

3700p - 1,000p575p - 600plucy


16,500p lucy

Small Brick of Acrylia Ore

11198p27910p - 50plucy

Small Brick of Unrefined Ore

110p lucy

Small Brick of Yttrium Ore

369p - 30p455p - 15plucy

Small Piece of Acrylia

26100p2443p - 40plucy

Small Piece of High Quality Ore


Smashed War Grubs

812p - 5p lucy



Snowfall Algae



12,000p lucy

Soda Water

885p lucy

Solidified Magma


Solist's Icy Wand

1200p220p - 100plucy

Song: Agilmente's Aria of Eagles

45p lucy

Song: Angstlich's Echo of Terror

3325p - 5,000p1810p - 200plucy

Song: Battlecry of the Vah Shir

32,888p844p - 2,888plucy

Song: Call of the Banshee

11500p3425p - 5,000plucy

Song: Cantata of Soothing

150p825p - 55plucy

Song: Chorus of Marr

3500p - 1,000p4850p - 15,000plucy

Song: Dark Echo

22,000p22,500p - 12,000plucy

Song: Dreams of Ayonae

2713p - 200p415p - 200plucy

Song: Dreams of Terris

5500p - 10,000p2725p - 4,000plucy

Song: Dreams of Thule

17250p - 1,000p3725p - 500plucy

Song: Druzzil's Disillusionment

2825p - 750p2925p - 2,000plucy

Song: Melody of Mischief

16200p - 1,000p4125p - 1,500plucy

Song: Occlusion of Sound


Song: Psalm of Veeshan

5500p - 50,000p5150p - 20,000plucy

Song: Requiem of Time

16500p - 15,000p4310p - 2,000plucy

Song: Rizlona's Call of Flame

12500p - 15,000p5950p - 12,500plucy

Song: Saryrn's Scream of Pain

2450p - 500p2520p - 250plucy

Song: Selo's Accelerando


Song: Silent Song of Quellious

1050p - 1,000p3925p - 2,000plucy

Song: Tuyen's Chant of Ice

20250p - 3,000p2720p - 1,250plucy

Song: Tuyen's Chant of Venom

18200p - 1,999p2820p - 1,999plucy

Song: Tuyen's Chant of the Plague

2025p - 500p3720p - 1,700plucy

Song: Warsong of Zek

9250p - 3,000p6225p - 4,000plucy

Song: Wind of Marr

3250p4450p - 8,000plucy

Sorcery Runed Swatch

205p lucy

Soulscream Belt

16,000p51,500p - 8,000plucy

Sparkling Robe of the Gemsetter

12,000p850p - 1,000plucy

Spear of Mortification

1900p lucy

Speckled Clay Handwraps

34,000p - 9,890p9415p - 3,500plucy

Spell: Abscond


Spell: Acumen of Dar Khura

1400p10400p - 5,000plucy

Spell: Aegis of Ro

2100p - 200p402p - 400plucy

Spell: Aegolism

11,400p2750p - 750plucy

Spell: Agility of the Wrulan

13250p - 1,000p2950p - 500plucy

Spell: Agnarr's Thunder

25500p4650p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Aid of Khurenz

1210p - 1,000p310p - 25plucy

Spell: Allure

5410p - 25p410p - 25plucy

Spell: Allure of Death

11p lucy

Spell: Ancestral Guard

3545p - 500p2720p - 500plucy

Spell: Arag's Celerity

120,000p18100p - 3,000plucy

Spell: Arcane Rune

6250p - 5,000p1511p - 4,500plucy

Spell: Arch Lich

9500p - 1,250p3225p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Asphyxiate

1500p2725p - 900plucy

Spell: Augment

375p - 500p1710p - 400plucy

Spell: Augmentation of Death

1675p1530p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Aura of Darkness

10250p - 2,000p3200p - 1,500plucy

Spell: Aura of Pain

21,000p - 2,000p41,000p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Aura of the Crusader

2500p2220p - 5,000plucy

Spell: Avatar

12550p - 5,000p19100p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Banishment

1350p - 2,000p2710p - 200plucy

Spell: Banishment of Shadows

7500p - 600p1025p - 750plucy

Spell: Banshee Aura

250p240p - 50plucy

Spell: Beckon

18250p - 2,000p1011p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Beguile

112p lucy

Spell: Beguiling Visage

3519p - 5,000p181p - 50plucy

Spell: Belt of Magi'Kot

2250p3010p - 500plucy

Spell: Berserker Strength

314p - 50p410p - 14plucy

Spell: Bind Affinity


Spell: Blade of Walnan

2250p2750p - 2,250plucy

Spell: Bladecoat

21,900p - 2,000p12,000plucy

Spell: Blanket of Forgetfulness

2710p - 100p510p - 100plucy

Spell: Blast of Poison

340p125p - 100plucy

Spell: Blessed Armor of the Risen

2150p - 300p1025p - 500plucy

Spell: Blessing of Aegolism

61,500p19100p - 5,000plucy

Spell: Blessing of Reverence

23250p - 5,000p5520p - 10,000plucy

Spell: Blessing of the Nine

120,000p361p - 30,000plucy

Spell: Blood of Hate

12,000p6900p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Blood of Saryrn

132,000p - 6,000p381p - 20,000plucy

Spell: Boggle

1650p - 2,000p155p - 250plucy

Spell: Boon of Immolation

3250p1450p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Boon of the Clear Mind

2500p550p - 500plucy

Spell: Boon of the Garou

4430p - 500p4010p - 500plucy

Spell: Brackencoat

5450p - 2,000p2315p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Breath of Karana

9100p - 230p165p - 250plucy

Spell: Breath of Trushar

101,500p - 10,000p381p - 38,000plucy

Spell: Breath of Tunare

520p - 250p98p - 250plucy

Spell: Breath of Ultor

12500p - 8,000p32100p - 7,000plucy

Spell: Breath of the Dead

2200p - 250p lucy

Spell: Brell's Mountainous Barrier

7200p - 350p161p - 8,000plucy

Spell: Bristlebane`s Bundle

1200p5010p - 300plucy

Spell: Brushfire

4500p2050p - 6,000plucy

Spell: Cackling Bones

8200p8100p - 200plucy

Spell: Call of Earth

1440p - 1,000p3420p - 200plucy

Spell: Call of Karana

289p - 500p234p - 50plucy

Spell: Call of the Arch Mage

52,000p - 5,000p10500p - 5,000plucy

Spell: Call of the Rathe

25250p4120p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Cannibalize III

5200p - 2,000p7140p - 1,500plucy

Spell: Catastrophe

65100p - 2,000p441p - 700plucy

Spell: Cease

150p lucy

Spell: Child of Ro

4500p - 3,750p3250p - 4,500plucy

Spell: Chill Bones

41,000p - 2,000p1030p - 500plucy

Spell: Chilling Embrace

6250p - 500p280p - 88plucy

Spell: Circle of Seasons

14200p - 500p4620p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Circle of Wakening Lands

915p - 99p86p - 99plucy

Spell: Circle of Winter

3100p - 500p575p - 500plucy

Spell: Cloak of Luclin

22,200p32,000p - 20,000plucy

Spell: Cloak of the Akheva

1820p - 1,000p440p - 50plucy

Spell: Cloud of Grummus

10250p - 750p3825p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Cobalt Scar Portal

2310p - 100p144p - 20plucy

Spell: Color Shift

1310p - 2,000p2810p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Color Skew

1025p - 1,500p1410p - 3,000plucy

Spell: Color Slant

11100p - 500p1097p - 500plucy

Spell: Command of Druzzil

4500p - 800p21100p - 5,000plucy

Spell: Command of Tunare

13200p - 2,000p1550p - 900plucy

Spell: Condemnation

2850p - 750p405p - 750plucy

Spell: Conglaciation of Bone

12350p - 2,000p9200p - 500plucy

Spell: Convergence

21,800p7610p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Cornucopia

1200p lucy

Spell: Corporeal Empathy

2620p - 4,500p105p - 50plucy

Spell: Crippling Claudication

1750p - 1,000p145p - 100plucy

Spell: Crusaders Touch

1180p - 500p235p - 500plucy

Spell: Cry of Thunder

21,200p - 5,000p291p - 20,000plucy

Spell: Daluda's Mending

115,000p171p - 30,000plucy

Spell: Dead Man Floating

91,000p305p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Death Pact

11,000p748p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Death's Silence

9250p - 4,000p4250p - 2,500plucy

Spell: Deathly Temptation

110,000p1630p - 500plucy

Spell: Decession

10500p - 2,000p3211p - 900plucy

Spell: Degeneration

2440p - 900p1530p - 100plucy

Spell: Deistic Voice


Spell: Dementia

775p - 500p4220p - 500plucy

Spell: Dementing Visions


Spell: Deny Undead

1910p - 2,000p215p - 200plucy

Spell: Desist

150p lucy

Spell: Destroy Undead

57190p - 5,000p4310p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Dictate

1040p - 900p1815p - 500plucy

Spell: Disintegrate

21,000p - 5,000p105p - 5,000plucy

Spell: Divine Strength

1810p - 500p810p - 50plucy

Spell: Dominate Undead

11p lucy

Spell: Draught of E'ci

33300p - 1,000p365p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Draught of Jiva

150p13145p - 500plucy

Spell: Draught of Ro

8350p - 2,000p381p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Draught of Thunder

25500p - 1,500p3350p - 500plucy

Spell: Drifting Death

12,000p lucy

Spell: Dustdevil

2500p lucy

Spell: Dyzil`s Deafening Decoy

3150p - 300p1830p - 1,000plucy

Spell: E'ci's Frosty Breath

11250p - 5,000p1320p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Earthen Roots

4240p - 2,000p394p - 300plucy

Spell: Elemental Barrier

7945p - 2,000p401p - 500plucy

Spell: Elemental Maelstrom

3515p - 500p1410p - 200plucy

Spell: Elemental Silence

3200p - 499p1120p - 250plucy

Spell: Elnerick's Rending

13,500p2110p - 3,500plucy

Spell: Embracing Darkness

6500p1520p - 4,000plucy

Spell: Endurance of the Boar

2275p - 500p2650p - 300plucy

Spell: Endure Magic

21p - 50p11plucy

Spell: Enforced Reverence

2500p - 600p1450p - 500plucy

Spell: Enlightenment

3150p - 500p155p - 500plucy

Spell: Enslave Death

7450p - 4,500p1425p - 10,000plucy

Spell: Enticement of Flame

2810p - 600p141p - 10plucy

Spell: Entrapping Roots

7100p - 1,000p1815p - 250plucy

Spell: Faith

4515p - 2,000p215p - 700plucy

Spell: Falcon Eye

1840p - 688p181p - 500plucy

Spell: Familiar

42,000p - 2,888p741p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Familiar Enhancement

2200p1090p - 3,000plucy

Spell: Ferine Avatar

75,000p - 20,000p511p - 40,000plucy

Spell: Festering Darkness

3250p - 2,000p550p - 500plucy

Spell: Firebolt of Tallon

11250p - 500p3520p - 500plucy

Spell: Firetree's Familiar Augment

1500p261p - 500plucy

Spell: Fist of Ixiblat

4250p - 1,500p18100p - 8,000plucy

Spell: Fist of Karana

32,000p - 3,500p1650p - 1,400plucy

Spell: Fixation of Ro

277p - 500p151p - 24plucy

Spell: Flame of Light

4100p - 1,000p102p - 250plucy

Spell: Flameshield of Ro

2100p - 250p3010p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Focus of Soul

18200p - 300p42100p - 3,000plucy

Spell: Foliage Shield

92,000p3410p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Force Shield

20500p5125p - 5,000plucy

Spell: Force Spiral of Al'Kabor


Spell: Force of Akilae

7250p - 500p1825p - 500plucy

Spell: Forlorn Deeds

25,000p - 5,500p5540p - 2,500plucy

Spell: Form of the Howler

1775p - 500p545p - 250plucy

Spell: Form of the Hunter

7500p - 2,000p8100p - 600plucy

Spell: Frost Spear

8500p - 5,000p14100p - 4,000plucy

Spell: Funeral Pyre of Kelador

55,000p301p - 30,000plucy

Spell: Gate

1610p245p - 500plucy

Spell: Gift of Brilliance

14150p - 600p1430p - 200plucy

Spell: Gift of Insight

1500p6300p - 500plucy

Spell: Gift of Xev

2500p575p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Girdle of Karana

7200p - 500p169p - 2,500plucy

Spell: Glamorous Visage

3820p - 1,000p175p - 500plucy

Spell: Glamour of Tunare

450p - 500p940p - 100plucy

Spell: Great Divide Portal

195p - 25p201p - 50plucy

Spell: Greater Decession

134,000p - 6,000p22200p - 5,000plucy

Spell: Greater Fetter

9825p - 2,000p347p - 300plucy

Spell: Greater Immobilize

7925p - 400p881p - 500plucy

Spell: Greater Vocaration: Air

13,000p2075p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Greater Vocaration: Water

2500p - 990p4450p - 10,000plucy

Spell: Guard of Druzzil

4250p - 2,000p411p - 8,000plucy

Spell: Hammer of Damnation

40150p - 1,000p4210p - 10,000plucy

Spell: Hammer of Divinity

13,000p1710p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Hammer of Striking

110p lucy

Spell: Hand of Ro

7200p - 1,500p265p - 200plucy

Spell: Harmshield

31,000p1430p - 75plucy

Spell: Healing Wave of Prexus

590p - 4,888p1210p - 250plucy

Spell: Healing of Sorsha

6350p - 1,300p1925p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Heroic Bond

1250p4625p - 250plucy

Spell: Holy Elixir

72,000p - 20,000p891p - 38,000plucy

Spell: Howl of Tashan

18250p - 4,000p3011p - 4,000plucy

Spell: Iceflame of E'ci

21500p - 1,000p4330p - 1,500plucy

Spell: Identify


Spell: Illusion Froglok

4250p - 5,000p15100p - 2,500plucy

Spell: Illusion: Gnome

1500p lucy

Spell: Illusion: Half Elf

1500p lucy

Spell: Illusion: Human

1500p lucy

Spell: Illusion: Vah Shir

2250p - 300p3200p - 295plucy

Spell: Imbue Rose Quartz

1950p lucy

Spell: Immolation of Ro

15100p - 2,000p2615p - 900plucy

Spell: Improved Invisibility

2500p715p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Improved Superior Camouflage

1500p4100p - 500plucy

Spell: Incinerate Bones


Spell: Inferno of Al`Kabor

8150p - 500p2450p - 250plucy

Spell: Infusion

775p - 650p1050p - 100plucy

Spell: Insipid Weakness

2200p lucy

Spell: Instill

975p - 35p55p - 35plucy

Spell: Invisibility to Undead


Spell: Invisibility vs Animals

13p lucy

Spell: Jitterskin

1420p - 2,000p165p - 500plucy

Spell: Jolting Blades

2412p - 1,000p2310p - 250plucy

Spell: Judgment

3730p - 600p3510p - 500plucy

Spell: Juli`s Animation

1500p lucy

Spell: Karana's Rage

1350p - 2,000p2120p - 400plucy

Spell: Kazad's Mark

3500p7420p - 4,000plucy

Spell: Kilan`s Animation

2500p lucy

Spell: Koadic's Endless Intellect

61,750p - 10,000p48100p - 8,500plucy

Spell: Largarn`s Lamentation

21,250p6150p - 800plucy

Spell: Legacy of Bracken

12,000p251p - 30,000plucy

Spell: Legacy of Thorn

12,000p1310p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Legacy of Zek

7500p - 900p24100p - 3,000plucy

Spell: Levant

21,500p2350p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Levitate

4400p - 500p165p - 10plucy

Spell: Levitation

315,000p - 8,000p561p - 8,000plucy

Spell: Light of Nife

7200p - 2,000p16100p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Lightning Storm

410p - 50p1210p - 50plucy

Spell: Lure of Ro

6050p - 1,000p3750p - 500plucy

Spell: Maelstrom of Ro

11,500p26100p - 8,000plucy

Spell: Maelstrom of Thunder

35,000p - 8,000p19150p - 7,999plucy

Spell: Mala

2400p - 1,000p2310p - 500plucy

Spell: Malicious Decay

13500p - 2,000p231p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Malos

52,500p - 6,000p4628p - 15,000plucy

Spell: Malosini

1500p650p - 900plucy

Spell: Malosinia

5500p - 900p3835p - 2,499plucy

Spell: Mana Sieve

714p - 20p215p - 20plucy

Spell: Manasink

11,000p3150p - 200plucy

Spell: Manastorm

3600p - 800p11100p - 800plucy

Spell: Mark of Kings

27300p - 2,000p6320p - 2,500plucy

Spell: Mark of the Predator

725p - 2,000p145p - 50plucy

Spell: Mark of the Righteous

143,000p - 6,000p591p - 20,000plucy

Spell: Mask of the Forest

71,000p - 5,000p151p - 30,000plucy

Spell: Mask of the Hunter

22,000p2115p - 1,950plucy

Spell: Mass Clarify Mana

15p lucy

Spell: Mass Imbue Fire Opal

112p lucy

Spell: Mental Corruption

408p - 500p141p - 50plucy

Spell: Mesmerize

1500p lucy

Spell: Mind Wrack

2320p - 2,000p735p - 3,000plucy

Spell: Mircyl's Animation

1500p lucy

Spell: Monster Summoning II

7500p2910p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Monster Summoning III

2750p - 2,000p1850p - 500plucy

Spell: Moonfire

1375p - 1,000p2710p - 500plucy

Spell: Nature's Might

15100p - 500p2210p - 200plucy

Spell: Nature's Rebuke

32,000p2350p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Nature's Recovery

6100p - 5,000p161p - 8,000plucy

Spell: Neurotoxin

1500p321p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Night's Dark Terror

3500p291p - 10,000plucy

Spell: Omakin's Alacrity

640p - 200p810p - 100plucy

Spell: Order

15,000p31,500p - 3,000plucy

Spell: Pacification

3675p - 2,000p9510p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Petrifying Earth

5015p - 600p481p - 300plucy

Spell: Pillage Enchantment

425p - 90p225p - 90plucy

Spell: Pillar of Frost

2500p3010p - 300plucy

Spell: Pillar of Lightning

1115p - 400p345p - 100plucy

Spell: Pious Might

5500p1725p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Plague of insects

2400p7200p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Plainsight

3150p - 400p75p - 2,500plucy

Spell: Protection of the Glades

2300p - 700p2050p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Protection of the Nine

2550p35200p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Quellious' Word of Serenity

9500p - 1,000p18200p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Quiescence

92,000p - 7,500p46100p - 15,000plucy

Spell: Quivering Veil of Xarn

7350p - 3,000p1230p - 500plucy

Spell: Rathe's Son

41,200p - 5,000p21200p - 12,000plucy

Spell: Recant Magic


Spell: Reoccurring Amnesia

5620p - 25p620p - 100plucy

Spell: Replenishment

16200p - 1,000p4540p - 500plucy

Spell: Resistant Armor

8730p - 250p2015p - 95plucy

Spell: Restless Bones


Spell: Ro's Fiery Sundering


Spell: Ro's Illumination

9200p - 2,000p1410p - 250plucy

Spell: Ro's Smoldering Disjunction

3250p - 750p2310p - 200plucy

Spell: Rune of Death

13,000p16100p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Rune of Zebuxoruk

9250p - 2,000p1811p - 4,000plucy

Spell: Saryrn's Kiss

21,500p - 3,000p1920p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Savage Roots

13200p - 2,000p155p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Savagery

15,000p6100p - 500plucy

Spell: Scars of Sigil

3200p - 300p10510p - 300plucy

Spell: Scorpion Venom

5600p - 4,000p201p - 700plucy

Spell: Seduction of Saryrn

2500p14250p - 3,000plucy

Spell: Sermon of Penitence

38250p - 3,000p395p - 250plucy

Spell: Servant of Marr

4250p - 7,500p28100p - 5,000plucy

Spell: Sha's Advantage

3100p - 6,500p550p - 5,000plucy

Spell: Sha's Ferocity

1130p - 500p220p - 75plucy

Spell: Sha's Lethargy

740p - 1,000p lucy

Spell: Sha's Revenge

45,000p331p - 20,000plucy

Spell: Shadow Vortex


Spell: Shadowbond

1450p12100p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Shield of Blades

11,000p lucy

Spell: Shield of Maelin

26500p - 2,000p1035p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Shield of the Arcane

11015p - 500p755p - 500plucy

Spell: Shiftless Deeds

325p - 250p710p - 25plucy

Spell: Shock of Fiery Blades

1100p12200p - 3,000plucy

Spell: Shock of Poison

1100p210p - 75plucy

Spell: Shroud of Chaos

12,200p915p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Shroud of Pain

2810p - 1,000p115p - 50plucy

Spell: Shroud of the Spirits

15,000p5900p - 5,000plucy

Spell: Skin like Steel

110p lucy

Spell: Sleep

2500p1940p - 7,500plucy

Spell: Soothe

1500p lucy

Spell: Sound of Might

42200p - 700p341p - 500plucy

Spell: Spear of Torment

2250p - 1,500p2950p - 800plucy

Spell: Speed of Vallon

9250p - 4,000p2910p - 4,000plucy

Spell: Speed of the Brood

11,200p1810p - 20,000plucy

Spell: Spell Shield

3615p - 500p363p - 200plucy

Spell: Spirit Quickening

20400p - 1,000p1810p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Spirit of Arag

1115p - 200p1415p - 3,000plucy

Spell: Spirit of Eagle

9600p - 2,000p1035p - 3,000plucy

Spell: Spirit of Khurenz

6210p - 1,000p351p - 50plucy

Spell: Spirit of Oak

1500p610p - 200plucy

Spell: Spirit of Omakin

850p - 1,000p215p - 100plucy

Spell: Spirit of Rellic

7500p - 5,000p1750p - 4,500plucy

Spell: Spirit of Scale

1680p - 2,000p535p - 85plucy

Spell: Spirit of Snow

12200p - 1,000p295p - 400plucy

Spell: Spirit of Sorsha

3500p26300p - 10,000plucy

Spell: Spirit of Wolf


Spell: Spirit of Zehkes

2100p71p - 100plucy

Spell: Spirit of the Storm

1150p - 250p250p - 75plucy

Spell: Spiritual Purity

750p - 250p720p - 25plucy

Spell: Spiritual Strength

680p - 100p290p - 500plucy

Spell: Spiritual Vigor

6250p - 3,000p15100p - 5,000plucy

Spell: Storm's Fury

1720p - 2,000p138p - 100plucy

Spell: Strangle

7250p - 2,000p2210p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Strength of Tunare

25250p - 5,000p42100p - 5,000plucy

Spell: Strength of the Diaku

12150p - 2,000p2830p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Strip Enchantment

4400p - 500p2400p - 500plucy

Spell: Stun Command


Spell: Succor

2500p - 2,000p5450p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Succussion of Shadows

4910p - 1,000p351p - 100plucy

Spell: Suffocating Sphere

1250p lucy

Spell: Summon Companion

12,500p lucy

Spell: Summon Glowing Bauble

1825p - 2,000p1610p - 500plucy

Spell: Summon Jewelry Bag

2400p - 500p1840p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Summon Platinum Choker

1450p - 2,000p125p - 500plucy

Spell: Summon Runed Mantle

1750p - 1,000p1250p - 500plucy

Spell: Summon Sapphire Bracelet

1640p - 2,000p1110p - 500plucy

Spell: Summon Spiked Ring

16200p - 2,000p1010p - 500plucy

Spell: Summon: Muzzle of Mardu

110,000p2650p - 1,990plucy

Spell: Sun Storm

4250p3225p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Sun Vortex

41,232p - 5,000p26200p - 9,000plucy

Spell: Supernal Elixir

25250p - 5,000p5650p - 4,500plucy

Spell: Supernal Light

10500p8490p - 6,500plucy

Spell: Supernova

4200p217p - 1,500plucy

Spell: Sylvan Burn

118,000p33,000p - 38,000plucy

Spell: Sylvan Fire

22,000p82,000p - 10,000plucy

Spell: Symbol of Kazad

34250p - 1,000p5050p - 10,000plucy

Spell: Symbol of Marzin

12,000p lucy

Spell: Talisman of Altuna

1200p lucy

Spell: Talisman of Celerity

2500p25100p - 7,000plucy

Spell: Talisman of Jasinth

975p - 400p545p - 700plucy

Spell: Talisman of Return

3250p2525p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Talisman of the Brute

4500p - 800p571p - 800plucy

Spell: Talisman of the Diaku

1500p2610p - 8,000plucy

Spell: Talisman of the Tribunal

17250p - 3,000p33200p - 2,500plucy

Spell: Talisman of the Wrulan

15250p4225p - 3,000plucy

Spell: Tarnation

5220p - 500p1910p - 200plucy

Spell: Tashan

1500p lucy

Spell: Tears of Arlyxir

27250p - 500p3035p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Tears of Druzzil

9100p - 500p345p - 250plucy

Spell: Tears of Marr

8500p - 6,000p261p - 30,000plucy

Spell: Tears of Prexus

5100p - 1,000p299p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Tears of Ro

5850p - 1,500p591p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Tears of Saryrn

8500p - 1,000p2415p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Tears of Solusek

11,500p lucy

Spell: Telekin

23300p - 500p2720p - 3,000plucy

Spell: Teleport

36250p3950p - 5,000plucy

Spell: Terror of Terris

3020p - 1,000p335p - 25plucy

Spell: Terror of Thule

31,000p6500p - 2,000plucy

Spell: The Unspoken Word

4950p - 1,000p750p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Theft of Thought

1075p - 1,000p386p - 500plucy

Spell: Thorncoat

140p lucy

Spell: Thunder of Karana

115p - 250p104p - 10plucy

Spell: Thunderbolt

42,000p - 5,000p lucy

Spell: Tiny Terror

1500p39100p - 8,000plucy

Spell: Tishan's Clash

110p lucy

Spell: Tishan`s Discord


Spell: Tnarg's Mending

13250p5250p - 3,000plucy

Spell: Torment of Scio

6500p - 2,000p1425p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Torrent of Fatigue

550p - 500p35plucy

Spell: Torrent of Hate

1710p - 1,000p111p - 50plucy

Spell: Torrent of Pain

1420p - 1,000p45p - 50plucy

Spell: Touch of Innoruuk


Spell: Touch of Mujaki

634p - 500p2420p - 500plucy

Spell: Touch of Nife

12,000p225p - 250plucy

Spell: Touch of Volatis

14250p - 2,000p8500p - 1,500plucy

Spell: Tranquility

10150p - 2,000p215p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Translocate

15250p - 1,000p482p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Translocate: Group

21,000p7010p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Transon's Phantasmal Protection

34200p - 2,000p571p - 5,000plucy

Spell: Transons Elemental Infusion

26100p - 1,500p445p - 250plucy

Spell: Trepidation

5200p - 500p1250p - 200plucy

Spell: Tricksters Augmentation

13950p - 3,000p3350p - 3,000plucy

Spell: Trucidation

12100p - 2,500p711p - 350plucy

Spell: True Spirit

2250p4950p - 3,000plucy

Spell: Trushar's Mending

45,000p - 10,000p151p - 40,000plucy

Spell: Tunare`s Request

2100p - 250p1125p - 250plucy

Spell: Turgur`s Insects

185p2050p - 200plucy

Spell: Unfailing Reverence

11,000p2750p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Upheaval

2200p4715p - 400plucy

Spell: Upheaval

10100p - 500p155p - 499plucy

Spell: Uproar

14500p - 2,000p1580p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Vallon's Quickening

25,654p - 10,000p40200p - 25,000plucy

Spell: Veil of Elements

1910p - 2,000p815p - 2,000plucy

Spell: Velium Strike

3500p - 4,000p25100p - 3,600plucy

Spell: Vengeance of Tunare


Spell: Virtue

15250p7720p - 5,000plucy

Spell: Visions of Grandeur

1075p2125p - 500plucy

Spell: Voice of Quellious

132,000p - 10,000p40200p - 15,000plucy

Spell: Wake of Karana

15,000p14100p - 10,000plucy

Spell: Wakening Lands Portal

266p - 500p155p - 25plucy

Spell: Ward of Gallantry

13250p - 1,000p595p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Ward of Nife

6250p - 500p1710p - 500plucy

Spell: Ward of Xegony

7250p291p - 7,500plucy

Spell: Wave of Marr

13,000p6500p - 7,000plucy

Spell: Wind of Tashani

250p - 500p285p - 500plucy

Spell: Wind of Tashanian

150p10200p - 1,000plucy

Spell: Winter's Frost

61,100p - 10,000p14100p - 10,000plucy

Spell: Winter's Storm

14200p - 800p1940p - 500plucy

Spell: Word of Morell

16100p - 4,000p1325p - 3,500plucy

Spell: Word of Replenishment

6500p8820p - 4,000plucy

Spell: Word of Shadow

150p lucy

Spell: Word of Terris

65,000p9200p - 5,000plucy

Spell: Words of Tranquility

1510p - 1,000p175p - 50plucy

Spell: Xegony's Phantasmal Guard

2250p2310p - 3,000plucy

Spell: Yaulp IV

5400p - 900p4610p - 700plucy

Spell: Yaulp V

6125p - 1,000p15125plucy

Spell: Yaulp VI

33,000p - 6,000p951p - 30,000plucy

Spell: Zevfeer's Bite

13250p - 900p8300p - 2,000plucy

Spell: the Silent Command

2275p - 6,000p6225p - 5,000plucy

Spider Fur Belt

12,000p420p - 900plucy

Spider Fur Gloves

4300p - 800p444p - 1,000plucy

Spider Fur-Lined Boots

2400p - 500p514p - 300plucy

Spider Venom Sac


Spiderfang Earring

11,500p27100p - 1,448plucy

Spiked Chain Sleeves

181,000p - 5,000p19100p - 2,500plucy

Spinechill Ichor Vial

550p - 300p710p - 300plucy

Spinechill Silk

250p1310p - 300plucy

Spined Dragon Claws

1500p2100p - 500plucy

Spiny Dagger

150p lucy

Spiny Short Spear

175p lucy

Spiny Two Handed Sword

25p53p - 5plucy

Spirit of Sloth

325p lucy

Spiritbound Belt of Slavery

12,000p7100p - 750plucy

Spiritbound Stone Sleeves

15,000p201,000p - 25,000plucy

Split Blade of Destruction

710,000p - 22,500p621p - 30,000plucy

Split Paw

5100p lucy


8410p - 100p lucy

Staff Shard of Luclin

4325p - 250p2210p - 500plucy

Staff of Undead Legions

41,000p - 5,000p1100plucy

Staff of the Earthcrafter

22,500p - 3,500p4200p - 1,000plucy

Stalagterror Spine Spear

1800p lucy

Stalking Probe

620p lucy

Star Ruby

160p lucy

Steamfont Spring Water

55p lucy

Steel Ball Bearing

32100p1078p - 100plucy

Steel Guardian Arrows


Steelslave Tyrannical Orb

11,000p2500p - 800plucy

Stitched Flesh Necklace

42,000p - 3,500p9200p - 4,000plucy

Stone Bladed Edge

13,000p65p - 1,000plucy

Stone Bracelet of Battle Mastery

17,000p261p - 25,000plucy

Stone of the Firestorm

5400p - 1,500p311p - 1,000plucy

Stonebladed Axe of Dismay

6100p - 3,500p350p - 750plucy

Stonewood Bow Staff

2150p - 5,000p2310p - 500plucy

Stonewood Compound Bow

2625,000p - 30,000p1211p - 100,000plucy

Stonewood Sap

11,000p710p - 30plucy

Storm Giant Meat


Storm Rider Skin

125p lucy

Stormfeather Talons


Stormwood Battle Staff

4300p - 1,800p3200p - 350plucy

Strand of Ether

114100p - 1,000p20665p - 500plucy

Strange Ochre Clay

1650p lucy

Stunted Arctic Root

45p - 20p lucy

Sturdy Stone Shield

11,000p lucy

Sturdy Wrapped Bow

11,000p1725p - 8,000plucy

Succulent Sap

110p lucy

Sullied Animal Pelt

1100p lucy

Summoned: Bandages

1601p - 5p lucy

Summoned: Black Bread

601p lucy

Summoned: Dagger


Summoned: Globe of Water

601p lucy

Summoned: Hand of Ixiblat

125,000p621p - 10plucy

Summoned: Heatstone

15p lucy

Summoned: Snake Fang

71p - 2p lucy

Summoned: Spear of Warding

22p lucy

Summoned: Staff of Tracing

31p - 2p lucy

Summoned: Staff of Warding

15p lucy

Summoned: Throwing Dagger


Summoned: Wisp Stone

1300p2300p - 500plucy

Sunshard Ore

615p lucy

Supple Loam

3250p lucy

Surefall Sap

150p lucy

Swamp Spider Mandible

6850p - 5,000p341p - 7,000plucy

Swamp Vine

325p lucy

Swampwood Stave

8100p lucy


31,700p - 2,000p1440p - 1,000plucy

Swashbuckler's Mantle

2500p lucy

Swiftblade of Zek

18,000p27100p - 25,000plucy

Swirling Mist

2025p lucy

Swirling Shadows

4725p - 80p lucy

Sword of the Bloodsworn

110,000p111,000p - 50,000plucy

Sylvan Berries

15p lucy

Symbol of Loyalty to Nadox

3300p - 2,000p820p - 250plucy

Tactician's Bulwark

2750p - 1,000p13450p - 10,000plucy

Tae Ew Blood Vial

493200p - 500p23080p - 500plucy

Tae Ew Hammer of Aggression

2900p - 1,000p2150p - 500plucy

Tae Ew Hide Sack Token

85,000p646490p - 10,000plucy

Tae Ew Hunting Blade

2200p - 1,000p lucy

Tae Ew Leather Belt

41,200p - 2,000p10150p - 1,200plucy

Tae Ew Leather Boots


Tae Ew Leather Bracers

91,000p - 2,000p171,000plucy

Tae Ew Leather Cap

281,200p - 2,000p11,200plucy

Tae Ew Leather Gloves


Tae Ew Leather Sleeves

42,000p16900p - 1,200plucy

Tae Ew Ritualists Mask

2500p - 600p12100p - 750plucy

Tae Ew Spiritcallers Coif

21,000p - 1,500p7100p - 1,000plucy

Tae Ew War Maul

2500p lucy

Taelosian Mountain Wheat

85p lucy

Taelosian Tea Leaves

433p - 15p lucy

Taelosian Wheat

135p - 24p55plucy

Tailored Quiver Token

8500p2025p - 500plucy

Tainted Planar Essence

81,500p - 5,000p854p - 100plucy

Talisman of the Spiritseer

61,800p - 5,000p8350p - 5,000plucy

Tambourine of Rituals

1400p253p - 600plucy

Tanglewood Shield

5450p - 3,000p17225p - 1,500plucy

Tares Lichen

315p - 20p75plucy

Tarnished Cog

245p - 100p lucy

Tattered Hide Cloak

11,000p lucy

Tentacle Medallion

2400p - 500p1020p - 350plucy

Terror Marked Mask

1500p824p - 500plucy

Terrorclaw's Hide

16500p - 6,000p9250p - 2,500plucy

The Horn of Hsagra

210,000p - 11,000p141p - 35,000plucy

Thelin's Dagger

3400p - 1,500p125p - 900plucy

Thick Netted Veil

6200p - 5,000p221p - 8,000plucy

Thick Silk

2100p - 300p lucy

Thin Boned Wand

315p lucy

Thought Horror Scalp


Thulian Crusaders Earring


Thulian Crusaders Greatsword

24,000p - 5,000p2500p - 3,000plucy

Thunder Runed War Spear

13,980p835p - 1,500plucy

Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch

115,000p24100p - 10,000plucy

Tolan's Darkwood Boots

2500p650p - 470plucy

Tolan's Darkwood Greaves

13,500p101p - 3,500plucy

Tolan's Darkwood Helm

11,000p lucy

Tolapumj's Robe

22,500p - 5,000p9100p - 2,000plucy


1250p625p - 400plucy

Tome of Battle Cry of the Mastruq

12,500p22,100p - 5,000plucy

Tome of Battlerage Axe

2500p - 1,000p4200p - 500plucy

Tome of Bellow of the Mastruq

16,000p201,500p - 25,000plucy

Tome of Bloodseeker's Axe

2150p - 500p2110p - 700plucy

Tome of Confusing Strike

3100p - 1,500p11100p - 30,000plucy

Tome of Head Crush

2150p - 250p1125plucy

Tome of Leg Slice

2210p - 500p94p - 200plucy

Tome of Rage Axe

6350p - 999p2910p - 900plucy

Tome of the Wind's Wisdom

11200p - 5,000p595p - 4,500plucy

Tormentor's Hoof

60500p lucy

Torn Cloth Eyepatch

145p425p - 1,000plucy

Torn Eye Stitches

150p lucy

Torn Flesh Turban

1315p - 1,000p451p - 50plucy

Totem of the Warrior Spirit

125p420p - 500plucy

Toxiferious Axe

7500p - 5,000p1750p - 2,000plucy

Trakanasaur Hide Gloves

1100p lucy

Trakanasaur Hide Tunic


Tranquil Staff

210,000p - 17,000p341p - 7,900plucy

Troubadour's Mace

2200p - 500p14150p - 5,000plucy

Truncheon of Doom

15,000p lucy

Trusik Blood

175,000p lucy

Trusik Toes

25,000p lucy

Turepta Meat

110p lucy

Twilight Cloth Cloak


Twilight Cloth Shroud

1700p lucy

Twilight Worms

9130p - 2,000p lucy

Two Tined Corpse Pitchfork

4450p - 7,500p191p - 30,000plucy

Ukun Hide

250p - 1,000p lucy

Unadorned Bone Chestguard

16,500p181,500p - 15,000plucy

Unadorned Bone Chopper

2300p - 500p24p - 5plucy

Uncut Amethyst

1500p lucy

Uncut Jacinth

21,000p - 2,000p lucy

Unfired Small Grease Jar


Valor Crystals

1045p - 100p lucy

Valorian Insignia

18450p - 17,319p1201p - 18,000plucy

Vampiric Coif of the Grave

32,800p - 15,000p20700p - 15,000plucy

Vegerog Fiber String

210,000p lucy


8231p - 200p12671p - 5plucy

Veil of the Executioner

6200p - 2,000p2710p - 3,000plucy

Velishoul's Tome Pg. 9


Velishoul's Tome Pg.43


Velishoul's Tome Pg.67

1100p lucy

Velishoul's Tome Pg.76

110p lucy

Velium Fire Wedding Ring

671,000p - 5,000p193200p - 7,540plucy

Velium Gemmed Long Sword

420,000p151p - 100,000plucy

Velium Rings

13100p lucy

Velium Short Blade

13,000p1418p - 500plucy

Velium Short Sword

12,888p210p - 100plucy

Velium Swiftblade

15,000p350p - 2,000plucy

Velketor's Spell Book

115,000p lucy

Vengeful Diamond Blade

12,000p lucy

Vereor Mask

2100p - 1,000p660p - 500plucy

Versluierd Fungus

245p lucy

Vial of Black Poison

2500p lucy

Vial of Prismatic Dye

113190p - 200p542140p - 500plucy

Vial of Rabid Froth

15p lucy

Vial of Vampire Blood

1240p - 50p lucy

Viik's Dark Defender

2200p - 500p810p - 100plucy

Walrus Skin Drum



210p - 100p lucy

Wand of Allure

375p lucy

Wand of Souls

650p - 300p lucy

Wand of Swiftness

12200p - 250p41plucy

Waning Light Katar

13200p - 14,850p60100p - 14,850plucy

War Crested Ring

5200p - 3,500p1211p - 17,998plucy

War Magus' Arrow Guard

9450p - 2,999p30100p - 2,000plucy

War Marshall's Bladed Staff

26,000p - 8,000p11500p - 4,500plucy

War Stone

1500p lucy

War Wraith Blood

20499p15975p - 400plucy

Warhammer of Divine Grace

850p - 500p71p - 50plucy

Watchman's Wrought-Iron Neckband

350p - 1,000p4200p - 1,400plucy

Water Dragon Scales


Water Mephit Blood

25,000p lucy

Water Mephit Skin

15,000p lucy

Water Sprinkler of the Forgiven

550p - 300p1200plucy

Water-Stained Ancient Tome

11,000p lucy

Waters of Impenetrable Aura

1200p lucy

Wax Flower

135p - 2,000p lucy

Weatherbeaten Shoulderpads

1450p111p - 4,500plucy

Weighted Gloves


Weighty Polearm

6250p - 500p601p - 500plucy

Werewolf Claws

115p lucy

White Bear Pelt Cloak

21,000p - 1,500p201p - 7,000plucy

White Dragon Scales

12,000p48100p - 5,000plucy

White Gold Necklace

1500p299p - 300plucy

White Scaled Tunic

1500p4100p - 210plucy

White Spider Fur

150p lucy

Whittled Bone Ring

23,000p - 5,000p12200p - 5,000plucy

Widebladed Greatsword

1550p - 10,000p461p - 3,000plucy

Wild Lord's Sandals

15,000p2100p - 2,500plucy

Wild Lord's Tunic

25,000p - 13,000p52,000p - 7,000plucy

Wind-Worn Stone

5100p - 400p lucy

Wind-worn Handblade

12,500p82,000p - 10,000plucy

Windriders Trinket

11,000p6750p - 14,000plucy

Winter Lilly

15p lucy

Wintry Club

2900p235p - 900plucy

Withered Staff

150p lucy

Withered Totem of Widdershins

750p - 1,000p315p - 500plucy

Witness of Hate Great Staff

33,800p - 9,999p8500p - 4,800plucy


5100p lucy

Wooly Spider Crunchies

165p lucy

Words of Awareness


Words of Banshee

45100p325p - 250plucy

Words of Cloudburst

1510p255p - 10plucy

Words of Collection (Azia)

31430p - 100p1055p - 50plucy

Words of Constancy

6100p3420p - 100plucy

Words of Control

120p145p - 100plucy

Words of Dark Paths


Words of Decision

120p2610p - 100plucy

Words of Detention

4250p lucy

Words of Distress

225p lucy

Words of Dominion

443p - 10p282p - 5plucy

Words of Efficacy

4250p lucy

Words of Endurance


Words of Energy

9100p lucy

Words of Enlightenment

672p - 10p202p - 5plucy

Words of Eradication

75p - 10p lucy

Words of Eventide

120p102p - 10plucy

Words of Expertise


Words of Haunting

610p48p - 10plucy

Words of Imitation

245p - 100p lucy

Words of Immunity

625p - 100p201p - 20plucy

Words of Incarceration

3100p - 250p lucy

Words of Intent

1250p lucy

Words of Invigoration


Words of Materials

2910p lucy

Words of Pain

420p - 100p553p - 25plucy

Words of Possession

1910p - 25p361p - 12plucy

Words of Potence

310p - 25p35p - 25plucy

Words of Quivering


Words of Recall

5320p - 100p245p - 20plucy

Words of Recourse

150p1225p - 250plucy

Words of Refuge

4010p232p - 5plucy

Words of Resolve

10100p lucy

Words of Restraint

230p - 100p1710p - 30plucy

Words of Revenant

3320p - 500p181p - 20plucy

Words of Reviviscence

239p - 10p lucy

Words of Sapience


Words of Stimulation

225p35p - 6plucy

Words of Tenure

1220p - 100p1100plucy

Words of Tyranny

213p - 100p35plucy

Words of Voiding

2820p - 100p55p - 250plucy

Words of the Element

210p - 100p lucy

Words of the Extinct

275p - 10p310plucy

Words of the Sentient (Azia)

2110p lucy

Worked Dragonhorn Boots

11,200p225p - 50plucy

Woven Flesh Necklace


Woven Knucklebone Choker

31,000p - 3,500p4450p - 3,500plucy

Woven Nihil Mantle

2200p - 1,000p1825p - 2,000plucy

Wrapped Entropy Serpent Spine

1200p1475p - 5,000plucy

Wristband of Strategy

41,000p - 3,500p1850p - 6,500plucy

Writ of Karana

11,500p4450p - 27,398plucy

Writ of Quellious

8420p - 250p185p - 35plucy

Wu's Quivering Staff

23,000p - 5,000p1540p - 1,500plucy

Wurm Egg


Wurm Scale Coat

22,000p - 2,200p845p - 500plucy

Wyvern Meat

90010p5245p - 100plucy

Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 108

320p - 50p110plucy

Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 113

620p - 50p210plucy

Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 115

120p lucy

Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 81


Zek Crested Buckler

101,000p - 10,000p33100p - 4,000plucy

Zraxthril Forged Axe

1500p lucy

Zraxthril Warhammer

15,000p lucy

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Data shown above is gathered from current and past sales of player created sellers in the Bazaar zone

Between 01/21/11 and 04/23/17 03:51pm America/New_York

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